“Top of the Peak Hardwood Flooring are amazing!!! They are a husband and wife duo, who are down to earth, passionate, and hard working. Scotty the owner, really knows his stuff. I had bad water damage in my kitchen and was not sure if I could ever get that area to look like the rest of floor ever again. The color changed and it started to raise up. Scotty came in and assured me that not only could he get the floor to lay flat again, but that he could color match it to make it look identical. It was so bad that I had a hard time believing him. I was floored when I saw the outcome. My floor looked like nothing had ever happened to it! I actually teared up a little. Just amazing! I actually felt bad for paying him what he charged me, they really deserved more for the beautiful work they do. If you ever want your floors done, and done right, call THIS company. Scotty and his wife are wonderful, polite people, who love to work on floors, without tearing into your pockets, and wanting to invite them over for dinner.”
– Brandi C.
“I had a problem with downspout water management due to tree grow which changed water run off. They had to be up to their eyeballs busy but here comes this big guy and 3 youngins (male and female) ready to do the job. My first thought was “you have to be kidding me!!”. As it turned out was,”what a delight”. The boss man was fantastic with his knowledge and such willingness to share it in always a positive way, the young ones worked their tails off and got the job done quickly and left the job looking better than even this farm kid could have expected.”
– Karl Seifert
“Top of the Peak evaluated and repaired my sprinkler system, in addition to replacing the entire front lawn sod. I discovered a coupon right after they mailed me my initial estimate and they graciously allowed me to use that coupon, even after they gave me this initial estimate. I appreciated that, because it helped cut my expenses during a difficult financial period.

Top of the Peak did an overall great job. They were friendly, considerate of my needs, and even came back and made minor adjustments to my sprinkler system when I requested.

I have referred Top of the Peak to many of my friends, and to those who have asked me that were in need of landscaping issues. Their prices are competitive and they do a great job! I recommend them to others, because of the quality of their work and their outstanding customer service. I would surely use them again if the need arose.”
– Joe Lima

“They stuck with their quote and definitely gave the most for what they charged.
They did the job to our satisfaction. When there was a problem they fixed it right away and there were no hidden charges. We were very happy with the result.”
– Nico
“I got 5 estimates. Top of the Peak did a site visit on Monday, and I had the estimate on Tuesday. They had a quick turn around time on the bid and came in $1000 under my budget!”
– Google User