Landscaping Company Services

If you’re thinking about landscaping outside of your home, then hiring a professional landscaper is likely the first task on your list of things to do. At Top of the Peak we know it’s important to hire a professional with experience, but it’s also important to understand what services they provide. Some of the top services you can expect a landscaper to help with include:

1. Stone Work

If you want to entertain outdoors or just have a spot for relaxing, then stone work is worth having installed. This will give you a beautiful patio space where you can place chairs, a table, or loungers to use for when the weather is nice. Once of the perks of having a professional lay this for you is the fact that they will leave you with beautiful results that are smooth and customized for your taste.

2. Sod

Green grass can make any home look more welcoming and well taken care of, but laying sod can be difficult work. Fortunately if you hire a professional, you can rely on them to prep, lay, and then finish the sod so it’s secure outside of your property.

3. Sprinkler System

In order to keep your plants and grass watered, a sprinkler system is a necessity. It’s best to hire a professional for this because they will know where to dig, how deep to lay the pipe, and where each of the sprinklers should go based on the size of your outdoor space.

4. Plants and Trees

Your landscaper can strategically plant trees, flowers, and plants in your landscape so they grow beautifully and add a custom look to the exterior of your home.

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