“I had a problem with downspout water management due to tree grow which changed water run off. They had to be up to their eyeballs busy but here comes this big guy and 3 youngins (male and female) ready to do the job. My first thought was “you have to be kidding me!!”. As it turned out was,”what a delight”. The boss man was fantastic with his knowledge and such willingness to share it in always a positive way, the young ones worked their tails off and got the job done quickly and left the job looking better than even this farm kid could have expected.”
Karl Seifert
“They stuck with their quote and definitely gave the most for what they charged. They did the job to our satisfaction. When there was a problem they fixed it right away and there were no hidden charges. We were very happy with the result.”
Nicholas Caughron
“Brandon has a really good eye for direction and color. We lived in Meridian Estates and wanted to keep it very drought-resistant and low maintenance. Top of Peak worked with us, did a lot of collaboration and came up with a plan that was very workable. We sent in the initial design and he took care of contacting the HOA and making sure it was okay. He was very helpful in working with the HOA to meet their requirements; at the same time satisfying what our vision was for the property.”
Carol Rice
“Top of the Peak didn’t cut any corners, did exactly what they said they were going to do, were reasonably priced and did a quality job. I was curious about a particular brick that I needed and they made a recommendation that worked just fine. I told them what I wanted, they worked within my budget and communicated well.”
Dennis Farrell
“Top of the Peak was timely and did a nice clean up job, not only on my property, but also on the city streets. They gave me a reasonable deal, which was under their minimum, but still willing to do my yard for the price I needed.

They were extremely courteous, and didn’t think the whole place was a construction zone. They came then left it in better shape than they found it.”
Ken Westburg

“Top of the Peak Landscaping was professional, on time and did a good job. They answered any and all questions that I had and were very knowledgeable. They also provided me with information concerning the job; ideas that hadn’t occurred to me, which helped the landscaping turn out better than I had hoped.

We had started out wanting a rectangular area of sod placed in the backyard, but they suggested we make it an oval shape. This saved us money.

They didn’t cut corners and we didn’t have any surprises. There were a few adjustments that I had them make when they were done. They happily said “Okay, whatever you want we will take care of it,” and got it done right away. We have some other properties that need landscaping work done and plan on hiring them to do the work for us because we were so happy with the job that they did. Everyone that I came in contact with at Top of the Peak Landscaping was very friendly and sincere. I always walked away with a good feeling every time I talked to them.”

“Top of the Peak evaluated and repaired my sprinkler system, in addition to replacing the entire front lawn sod. I discovered a coupon right after they mailed me my initial estimate and they graciously allowed me to use that coupon, even after they gave me this initial estimate. I appreciated that because it helped cut my expenses during a difficult financial period.

Top of the Peak did an overall great job. They were friendly, considerate of my needs, and even came back and made minor adjustments to my sprinkler system when I requested.

I have referred Top of the Peak to many of my friends, and to those who have asked me that were in need of landscaping issues. Their prices are competitive and they do a great job! I recommend them to others, because of the quality of their work and their outstanding customer service. I would surely use them again if the need arose.”
Joseph Lima

“Top of the Peak was responsive, completed all the work in a timely manner and scheduled us so it wasn’t months out.

When Ryan came out to do the estimate, initially, it was higher than we expected. He took the design back to the office and worked something out. We were able to get everything we wanted within our budget.

I had the same group of guys from start to finish. They came out, were professional and didn’t take a whole bunch of breaks. They were working a lot, got it done quickly and did a good job. I was pleased with their work.

I’ve recommended them to some different friends. They asked me who did the landscaping on my yard and I told them, “Well, here, let me give you Ryan’s number. He’s the guy that came out and did my design, he did a good job.” I told them that they would be pleased with the work.”
Gary Vincent

“They did great work, were professional and did a great job. They put in a retaining wall and a sidewalk for us and it was exactly how we asked them to do it. When we had questions or concerns, they fixed it or answered the question to explain why they did it the way they did.

They kept in our budget. It didn’t cost us any more than what they said so we were happy. They were awesome.”
Tina Pate

“Top of the Peak was good in that they definitely had more of an official drawing and layout on the initial estimate than other landscaping companies. Everything went well and they did the work in about a day; it was smooth. They gave me a detailed drawing and I submitted that to my HOA and had no problems getting everything approved with the HOA. They showed me visually what they were envisioning.

I do refer them. A few of the neighbors asked for their name and I told them that it went really smooth and was easy going.”
Ken Starzynski

“The experience was great. Everything got installed as I expected, to my satisfaction and they were right on target with how much it was going to cost. With the amount of work that I had, they came out quickly and got it done. I called them back three or four times and they were happy to stop in and fix things; adjustments on sprinklers and stuff like that. I was very happy with the turnaround time and they did a really good job. They were patient with me and gracious, very gracious.”
Ron Kimball